Saturday, 3 October 2009

Spotify Playlists

Do you have Spotify? No? Well you should. If you don't know what it is, click on the picture and check it out. Bascially, it's a legal way to listen to music online. Loads of music. Loads and loads of music. Sure you can use We7 if that's what you prefer but for some reason I always come back to Spotify. I love it.

Anyway if, like me, you are a Spotify user then I have something for you. My mate Matt had this idea to do mixtapes on Spotify. We would share a 20 song mix tape each month. Each would be an eclectic mix of songs that are loved, forgotten and unknown. There would be no limits in regards to what went on there. So long as it was monthly and it was 20 songs.

Well I've just finished my October playlist but rather than just put that up I thought I'd share all my playlists with you. How nice am I? That's right, bloody nice.

So if you have Spotify, here you go:

Dave's 20 Song Mix Tape #1 June 2009
The Palast Orchestra under Max Raabe, The Dixie Cups and Holly Golightly. That's madness.

Dave's 20 Song Mix Tape #2 July 2009
Rokia Traore followed by The Who. It's like a mad music festival where Rokia Traore is support for The Who.

Dave's 20 Song Mix Tape #3 August 2009
The Pet Shop Boys are on there. Yes, The Pet Shop Boys. You got something to say about that.

Dave's 20 Song Mix Tape #4 September 2009
You can't have Chas and Dave follow Soundgarden on a mixtape. Want a bet, bitch?

Dave's 20 Song Mix Tape #5 October 2009 
Mason William's Gas is released before Winifred Atwell.

There you have it. Five mix tapes, a good five and a bit hours of music. Get listening.

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