Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Converting Flip Video Files so they can be used in Premiere

This is a break from my normal ramblings. Bascially I have a Flip video camera and I want to edit the footage in Adobe Premiere. Unfortunately, the Flip video camera has an odd form of encryption and Premiere is very fussy with what files it uses. So, I wanted a free, easy way to convert the files. Could I find one? Could I toss.

So, I sat down and worked it out. Took a bit of work but I did it. For those coming to this page via a search engine it requires the use of a free program called "Super (c)" by a company by ERightSoft. If you know the program and just want the settings this screenshot should be all you need.

For everyone else who doesn't know what all that means I'll break it down.

First you need Super (c). Now sadly I can't provide a direct link. You have to go to their website which is the worst website in the world. Really, I mean it. I know the software but free but there is no need for this website. You have to scroll through pages and pages of text telling you how wonderful Super (c) and as each link promises the download you are let down when you realise it's just another page of text. But eventually you get there. So start your fight for the program here:

Install the software and then run it. Take your flip video file and drag it onto the box at the bottom. Then replicate the settings in the screenshot above. Make sure you do both the video and audio settings. The really important bit is the AVI for Output Container, DV Digital Video for the Video Codec and WAV for the audio codec.

This will inflate the original file massively. My 9Mb file above ended up as 102mb but who cares, it went into Premiere and worked. And that, is how we do that.

Oodle Flip.

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