Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Democracy doesn't work

So, is anyone surprised at this news?

All these months of people saying, "We don't know when the election will be" only to be followed by people going, "6th May". But the question is... what now?

Ideally, I'd like to leave the country and not come back until the 9th May. If a group of chavs drove up and down the street yelling through loud hailers people would be calling for ASBOs yet these next four weeks will see suited strangers driving around yelling false messages of hope and then knocking on your door asking for your support because they understand you, and your problems and look what will happen if the other party get in.

It's all a load of sweaty monkey bollocks.

I always feel that one of the biggest problems we have is that it's not about how well a party will run the country. It's more about how well they "appear" to run the country. It doesn't matter what they do it's what they are "reported" to do. The media has removed the politics and replaced it with showmanship, spin and celebrity.

Then, of course, we have the fact that a big chunk of the electorate are morons. How many times have you heard people say, "Well I vote (insert party) because my parents did?" I just can't believe that these people have a vote which counts as much as people who think about who they will vote for, who consider the options. This is why we get "safe seats" and they are the worst things in politics. I live in one and it makes my vote pretty much worthless. It also means that people who toe the party line can be brought in and guaranteed a seat in parliament. From a personal point of view my parent's voted Labour and I have voted for all three parties in the past in a variety of local and national elections and for very different reasons. I try to pick the party that I feel will be best for me but deep down, I know it's pointless for the National. I know I'm in a Labour safe seat and it's because of people who will just vote the way their parents do. I'll do my bit and vote (Lib Dem this time the way it's panning out but that might change) but the chances of Labour losing the seat are really really slim and it will probably make national headlines if they do.

The sad thing is that while people have this, "I vote the way my parents vote" it's proof that democracy simply doesn't work. Add into that the spin and the way that many people absorb their politics through the media then you realise it's not about the best person for the job. These are the two elephants in the room which show that democracy just doesn't work. I'm not sure what system would work but certainly not this one.

So I suppose I write this in the hope that you'll think about your vote and not just go the way your parents did or listen to the editor of whatever newspaper you buy. Think about your vote. Otherwise it's worthless.

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